A New Project under Construction – Jinan Winson

  • by WINSON
  • 2017-10-19
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Winson Nonwoven will launch a new intelligent manufacturing project of biomass material nonwoven fabric starting from February 2018 with the target of 90,000 tons annually. 10 leading automatic production lines will be introduced, including 6 from ANDRITZ and 4 domestic lines.

Based on more than 13 years’ production and R&D experience, the GS information management system of Inspur and intelligent production lines, Jinan Winson will achieve whole value chain management including research, production, supply, marketing and service. And will drive the transfer from mass production to customization production and finalize the intelligent manufacturing of new material nonwoven fabric.

Besides the common products, Jinan Winson will dedicate on R&D of biomass material products, such as biodegradable fiber of camellia, sarcandra glabra, mint, polylactic acid, bamboo fiber and chitin. The biodegradable materials, green manufacturing and green products ensure our commitments to the earth.